Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Subcrewreact X Made by Jahan Radioactive Decay Collection

Thirdround Clothing - Subcrew Made by Jahan Radioactive Decay Collection

Hong Kong streetwear pioneer, Subcrewreact has once again teamed up with Singapore streetart artist - Jahan Loh, releasing the third season of the Subcrew Made by Jahan Collection in 2013 - The Subcrew X Made by Jahan Radioactive Decay Collection. To be in consistence with the last two seasons of Subcrew Made By Jahan Collection, the designs and layout of this season are pretty much the same as the previous seasons featuring the portraits and iconic logos by Jahan Loh.

While nuclear radiation being one of the hottest topics on the newspaper headlines worldwide, the theme of this Subcrew Made by Jahan Collection focusses on anti-terrorism and in opposition to the use of radioactive and nuclear energy that may harm human beings and living things on earth, where Jahan Loh came up with a portrait with armed forces gas mask to be featured on the crewneck tees, pocket tees, long-sleeve tees and long-sleeve shirts of this season's collection.

Below are the photos of the lookbook for this Subcrew X Made by Jahan Radioactive Decay Collection featuring model Claire Louise Jedrek, as well as the images of the designs that Thirdround Clothing has stocked for this collection. Feel free to visit our webstore for more details.

Much love!

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P.S.: Radiation can cause from skin sensitivity, skin rash to long-term damage such as scar tissues and infertility, while nuclear radiation, fanned by media-generated panic and ignorance, is always at the top of the list of most feared events in the world.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Thirdround Clothing - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear all,

Thank you so much for being so supportive in 2013!

Thirdround Clothing wishing everyone of you out there a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Year-end Jingle Bells & New Year Sale 2013

 Thirdround Clothing Sales Page - Jingle Bells & New Year Sale

Dear friends and streetwear addicts,

Thank you so much for your support throughout the year. With your support, we have made our 1st Pop Up Store happened in April at Actually+, and we have got great results in a couple of tradeshows and events that we have participated. Before we move on to 2014, Thirdround Clothing would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you guys for being so supportive, and we are sure, with your continued support, we will be able to better promote the streetwear and urban lifestyle culture in Singapore and Malaysia next year!

Thirdround Clothing is now doing a year-end Jingle Bells & New Year Sale with up to 50% discount on our sales page (updated with new items), and we hope all of you guys can arm yourselves with some swag streetwear clothings from Thirdround Clothing before you hit the parties during this festive season.

Visit our sales page now for the great deals!

Once again, a big shoutout to all our supporters, friends, crews and families! Wishing you guys a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Subcrew Fall Winter 2013 Lookbook

Introducing Subcrew's Fall Winter 2013 Collection which the Hong Kong-based streetwear label has just released early this month for this year-end cooling season! Streetwear addicts can expect some slim fit sweaters, WTF series pullovers, black colour / camouflage jackets, khakis, tees as well as some hats in this collection, and the label has got all the items from this collection to be 'easy-to-wear' where you can put them on easily before you hit the street. Major colours of this collection are black, white, blue and grey, and as usual, the label incorporated the label's name and some of the label's iconic imprints, phrases and mottos in this year-end collection. Hope you like it! Peace!

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Akomplice Fall 2013 Collection in store at Thirdround Clothing

American streetwear giant, Akomplice takes a different approach on the designs of this Fall 2013 collection, which just arrived in store at Thirdround Clothing. Focussing very much on love, human's personalities and natural environment, the label has created this collection to cater to each individuals stylistic expression. The collection uses a lot of colours that symbolise the nature like ocean blue, sky blue, brown, grey and etc, and the label also for the first time incoporated the Indonesian iKat design into one of the collection's pocket tees. Images of this collection's lookbook were also shot in the most natural way featuring the artists' natural expressions by incorporating the background of the largest city and the capital of the U.S. state of Colorado - Denver. Checkout the entire lookbook here.

Below are the tees and 5 panel hats Thirdround Clothing stocked from this collection, and feel free to visit our webstore for more details.


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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Subcrew WTF & Mini Holiday Collection

The No War Tee - A 100% cotton tee by Subcrewreact from the label's WTF collection. Featuring a kid riding on a skateboarding cow! If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. We want love, peace and harmony but not war! 

The World Trade Fair Tee - A 100% cotton tee by Subcrewreact from the label's WTF collection. Manufactured in the type of blue colour that the streetwear label has never used before. Representing genuine, sincere, love, peace and harmony. A piece of comfort fit cutting tee that looks cooling yet street enough for this holiday season.

The Bottom Sharkmarine Tee - A 100% cotton tee by Subcrewreact from the label's Mini Holiday 2013 collection. In continuation to the label's sharkmarine series, the Hong Kong streetwear giant has moved the classic sharkmarine logo down to the bottom, and incorporated some esthetic designs at the collar of this comfort fit cutting tee. A classic piece of sharkmarine tee representing the spirits and roots of the label. 

Selected colours of these collections are now available at Thirdround Clothing, the official retailer of Subcrew in Singapore and Malaysia. Visit the store now!


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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

An interview with Sam Lee by style-tips.com

In the blink of an eye, Subcrew has established for a decade!  Sam Lee, the co-founder of Subcrew, has now become one of the most prominent fashion figures in the Asia fashion industry. In addition to clothing, glasses and watches, the co-founder of one of the world top 50 streetwear labels has also revealved the possibility in venturing into furniture and household items, making his label - Subcrew not only an apparel brand but also a lifestyle brand ! In short, Subcrew is an attitude towards life! 

Find out more about Sam Lee and Subcrew via the video below: